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10 Tips to Better Engagement on Linkedin

I have been active on the Linkedin platform for over a year, creating video and written content and building relationships. I made my first video under a year ago and the community has been incredibly supportive. With 3 million views and 10,000 followers, I wanted to take a moment and give back to the community I value so much by sharing some things I've learned along the way.

Here are my 10 SIMPLE TIPS to increase engagement and build a following:

1. Build a passionate and engaged community.

Connect with people who are active on the platform and who want to see your content. Linkedin limits search filters, so you are not able to search by activity level unless you have Linkedin Sales Navigator. The only way to truly build an engaged community is to add people with whom you have meaningful exchanges, one by one.

I connect with people for various reasons, they are in the same industry, they have compelling content, or I resonated with their comment on a post. I value discussion and healthy debate.

2. Send meaningful, personalized connection requests.

Linkedin allows for a note to be sent with a connection request. Send a note EVERY TIME. This jumpstarts the exchange with your new connections. The more personal, the more likely you are to receive an acceptance.

I rarely send a connection request without a note, and I make a point send a personal note to each of my connections following their acceptance. I don’t use an automated system.

Here are three simple examples as a starting point:

Dear XX, I admire your work and would love to connect here on Linkedin.

Dear XX, I’m always looking to connect with professionals in my area. I would love to follow your content here on Linkedin.

Dear XX, As a fellow XX, I would love to connect and learn more about your work.

3. Be consistent.

By consistency I do not mean posting on a schedule, it’s not a numbers game. What I mean is...stay true to you, your voice, and your message. Your audience should know what to expect from you. Those who resonate will stay and engage.

Here are a few creators I follow because I love their content and I know exactly what I can expect:

Aaron Orendorff – masterful writer and storyteller, e-commerce slant

Bobby Umar – expert speaker and communicator, personal branding

Allen Gannett – interviews with founders and leaders, his adventures and his adorable corgi

Josh Fechter – value, hacks, and business stories, no bs

Travis Hawley – influencer marketing expert, the lowdown on the “other” platforms

Adam Karpiak – talent acquisition, hiring, recruiting and humor

Brian Schulman – positive vibes, light and fun content

Gold Chan - video creator and expert, supporter of women

Michaela Alexis - authentic advice from a millennial making moves

4. Use rich media content.

You may know a photo is worth 1000 words. Did you know a video is worth 1.8 million words? I love the written word, most of my posts are short-form status updates, but I also like to mix it up. People love to watch video and a compelling photo will capture attention. If using video be sure to use captions for those who watch with volume off.

I began creating videos in 2017 and that’s when the magic happened. I was able to truly connect with people on a deeper level. Video builds deeper connections with your audience.

5. Mind the LinkedIn algorithm.

Here is what I call the “Linkedin Content Value Model” – how the Linkedin algorithm sees your content in terms of what has the most value and what has the least value.

6. Be social offline. Attend local networking events or create your own events in your area. Invite connections to meet for coffee, in person or virtually.

Many of the people consider part of my “network” I met at networking events. I know, sounds crazy, right?

I have been hosting local Linkedin networking events #Linkedinlocal in my area. They have sold out each time, and I have added hundreds of people to my network who genuinely want to engage.

7. Tell stories.

Everyone has a story. Stories that people relate to, resonate with, get inspired by. Your content may not resonate with everyone. Continue to share your stories and experiences to see what has value to your audience.

8. Engage with your audience.

Leave valuable comments that evoke interest and invoke conversation. Send a direct message with your latest post and share content that has value.

9. Create memorable content.

Make sure your content does one of the following - Educates, Entertains, or Inspires. Entertaining content is one of my favorites, consider GIFs, humor and thinking differently.

10. Be human.

Support your colleagues and friends. Watch their videos, listen to their podcasts, read their posts and send messages to encourage their activity.

I look forward to engaging with you! Follow me

or @CoffewithK on IG.

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